Olde York Station

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How long does it take to address a set of envelopes? 

Generally, it takes seven (7) to 14 days to complete a set of 100 outer + inner envelopes. Additional time may be required if a custom stamp is created, and/or stamping, stuffing, and mailing services are requested. Please contact me to see if we have availability during your desired timeframe.

How long does it take to address escort cards or place cards? What about table numbers? 

It takes seven (7) days to complete a set of escort or place cards, and three (3) to five (5) days to complete table numbers.

Do you order the envelopes or escort cards?

No. To ensure color correctness, it is best for you to order your own envelopes and cards. Be sure to order an additional 20% more than the number of invitations or suites you plan to mail. For example, if you need 100 envelopes addressed, you would provide me with 120 envelopes.  Mistakes are inevitable, and these extra envelopes provide a buffer for errors or changes to the guest list. 

How long does it take to create a seating chart? 

Depending on the layout and desired surface (i.e. paper, chalkboard, mirror, window, etc.), completion of a seating chart will take seven (7) to 14 days. 

Do you offer rush service? 

Generally, I do not offer rush service. However, occasionally I will accept a rush request. A rush fee of $50 will be added to your order.



Do you require a deposit? 

Yes. Once your scope of work is determined, I will send you an estimate for your approval. A signed estimate and a 50% non-refundable deposit is required before work can begin. 

Full payment is required upon completion of the project, and before your materials are shipped to you or your destination. Note that when payment is delayed, shipment is delayed.

What types of payment are accepted?

The preferred method of payment is PayPal; however, cash, check and credit cards are also accepted. 

How are materials shipped?

Local clients are welcome to pick-up the materials in person; otherwise the order will be shipped. Materials are shipped via USPS or FedEx for domestic and international orders.

*Fragile orders, such as mirror signage, must be picked-up in person. Even with careful packaging and handling, there is still a great chance for breakage. 



What is the custom work process? 

I love creating bespoke pieces! Your bespoke commission process begins by contacting me with details of the project. The scope will be determined by a follow-up email, call, or if requested, an in-person meeting. Following estimate approval and deposit, the work can begin! The process is fun, exciting and collaborative.

How long does it take to create a bespoke design?

It depends on the scope of the project. A monogram design can take seven (7) days to develop, where as an hand-drawn illustration can take three (3) to (4) weeks. Large scale projects, such as wedding invitation suites, can take up eight (8) to six (6) months to complete. Tattoo designs usually take 14 days.

In what format will I receive my custom work?

Custom calligraphic designs (logo, monogram, tattoo) are provided in a high resolution JPG, PDF, or PNG file format.



In what format(s) should my information be sent? 

Guest lists should be sent electronically in Word. Information for each invitee should be provided in the following format:



City, State


The list should include the individual(s) title, their full name (verses nicknames); if applicable, indicate “number”, “suite” or “apartment”, the full spelling of the city and state, and the five (5) digit zip code. The formality of the event will dictate if the address and state are spelled out completely. In addition, specify if you prefer an ampersand or the word “and” to connect a couples names. 

CORRECT:                                        INCORRECT                         INCORRECT:               

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick MacDonald     Rick & Verne MacDonald    Mrs. Lavern MacDonald & Patrick MacDonald

123 Rocking Horse Road                 123 Rocking Horse Rd.                123 Rocking Horse Rd.

Saint Petersburg, Florida                St. Petersburg, FL 01010               St. Petersburg, FLA 01010


Are there etiquette guidelines to follow?

Yes! I am passionate about proper etiquette. There are many online resource available that offer excellent etiquette advice. I suggest using guidelines offered by Martha Stewart or Crane Paper Co.  If you aren't sure about your formatting, please contact me. I am happy to help!

Are computer-generated fonts used? 

Usually, no. In a logo design, it might be appropriate to use a computer-generated font to accent the calligraphic writing, but even so, it is used sparingly. All calligraphy is hand-produced by use of pointed pen + ink. I do not use flat tip pens, or fountain pens. 

Is stencil art traced?

No. I have never been much of a tracer. My traced images actually look traced (so, the opposite of how it should appear). All stenciled artwork is sketched free-hand, refined, then cut. 

How did Olde York Station get its name? 

I wanted a name that would tie back to my native New York roots, but naming it “New York… something” would be predictable. The opposite of "new" is "old" and I thought "old York" had a nice ring to it.  A variant spelling of “old” ends with an "e"; this spelling was used at an earlier, antiquated time. There is a rhythmic sound to three-word proper nouns, and “station” tied the name together. I chose not to name the business after myself because I believe the name is all encompassing and can stand the test of time. Should the business focus shift in the future, the name needn't change.